Feature Plant Label Tags

This unique collection of special use plant tags and labels offers you the opportunity to add value to any plant. Created to tap into the current trends and consumer preferences. They are full of information and inspiration requested by garden center shoppers. Watch sales grow when applying one of these featured tags in your plant products.

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Breeder Tags

An extensive collection of tags in support of the most popular and best selling breeder genetics.

Tasteful Harvest Tags

The Tasteful Harvest line of plant stake tags is an extensive listing of the top selling vegetables and herbs. Packed with information gardeners are looking for when making decisions on what to buy. Excellent photography that helps consumers and increases sales of vegetables and herbs.

Houseplant Tags

Light is the most important element for successfully growing houseplants. The easy to understand graphics on these tags help consumers make decisions based on their unique indoor environment. This information is most desired by consumers, yet unavailable on any other houseplant care tag.

Succulent Cacti Tags

Succulents are a continuing and growing trend. Get in on the sales with these unique succulent tags. Connect via QR code to MyGardenLife.com for enhanced information and inspiration.

Mini Signs

Research validates that most consumers want to see something new or unique when visiting a garden center. Ensure that they do with these Mini Signs. Highly visible in color and design, they draw attention to any featured item or new product.

Sun Shade Tags

The most sought after information by noted consumers are light requirements for plants. These tags are designed around an easy to understand infographic that communicates Sun or Shade. Enhances products and adds value.

Pollinator ID Tags

Designed as a generic version for tagging specifically those plants that grower or retailer wish to represent as a pollinator attracting plant. Carries the logo in support of the Million Pollinators Garden Challenge.

Buzz Off – Mosquito Repellent Citronella

A bright and attractive plant stake tag with bold messaging. Makes it easy to promote citronella as a natural mosquito repelling option for gardeners.

All America Selection Winner Tags

These plant tags are a great way to offer a collection that is easy for the consumer to buy and be successful.

Holiday Tags

A tag for every holiday. Each one has a tailored message that can be enjoyed and retained as a keepsake, increasing the value of your plants and helping them sell.

American Flag Tag

A patriotic keepsake tag that adds value to products. Extends the season for summertime sales. Highly visible when displayed on a riser above flowers. Printed in color on the front and the back.

Grow For The Glory Tag

A patriotic keepsake tag that adds value to products. Use for Memorial Day or extend the season through Independence Day. Highly visible when displayed on a riser above flowers.

Giftable Poinsettia Push-On Hang Tags

A new decorative design with complete care and an interesting factoid about poinsettias.

XL Designer Series Posters & Display Cards

Our Designer series posters and display cards are sold singularly or as a collection that includes the most popular plant categories and light requirements.

Sold Tags

Ideal for marking products that have been selected by a shopper and held for a later purchase or pick up.

Popcorn Plant Tags

A showy tag with graphics that pop! This plant stake tag can attract an audience to a unique flower that looks and smells like popcorn.

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Plant Hang Tags

  • Used when the typical plant stake tags aren't easily visible
  • Available in a variety of shapes and styles
  • Available with or without string

Plant Stake Tags

  • Designed to that work in cell packs, quart, gallon other popular pots sizes
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Long stem options for plants that can conceal normal tags

Plant Handle Tags

  • Great display presentation and easy plant handling
  • Locking attachment options that don’t fail
  • Available in a variety of keyhole slot options to fit any need

Universal Locking Plant Tags

  • Ensure consistent visual presentation at retail
  • Easy secure locking attachment
  • Efficient retail scanning

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