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For over 70 years, MasterTag has been committed to exclusively serving the horticulture industry. Our plant tags and labels are designed around the garden center shopper, produced based on a grower's needs, and simply made to sell more plants.

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Plant Stake Tags

MasterTag’s plant stake tags have been foundational when it comes to horticultural tagging applications. They are preferred by garden center shoppers over any other form of plant labeling, as well as appreciated by growers as easy and efficient when tagging plants in a commercial greenhouse production environment. 

Plant Hang Tags

MasterTag’s hanging plant tags offer choice and flexibility when a stake plant tag just won’t work. Multiple shapes and attachment mechanisms make them easy to apply, while ensuring good visibility when displayed in the retail store.

Plant Handles

MasterTag handles are longer, heavier, and more robust, ensuring an upright arch for effective display on the retail bench. A consistent upright arch of the handle also makes it easy for shoppers to pick up and carry. They are easy and efficient to apply and their well-designed attachment point, makes MasterTag handles perform from production to retail sale.

Universal Locking Plant Tags

Universal Locking Tags are most versatile in their application. Hang them below the rim of the pot for the clearest viewing, or lock them upright for a more traditional plant stake tag look. The arrowhead attachment locks them securely to the pot and won’t become dislodged in shipping or at the retail store.

Breeder Plant Tags

An extensive collection of tags in support of the most popular and best selling breeder genetics.

Feature Plant Label Tags

This unique collection of special use plant tags and labels offers you the opportunity to add value to any plant. Created to tap into the current trends and consumer preferences. They are full of information and inspiration requested by garden center shoppers. Watch sales grow when applying one of these featured tags in your plant products.

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"MasterTags quick ability to design & produce tags for my plants allows me to focus on growing. Their plant tags really do sell plants & they take care of it all for me."

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Designed to help consumers track plant growth throughout the season. In Stock & Ready To Ship!

Packed with important content and feature icons to help gardeners make decisions on what plants to buy.

Providing Practical Plant Tag Solutions For Over 70 Years!

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