Doing our part to be green

We believe that every small step we take towards sustainability can make a significant difference in protecting our planet.

Our growing list of our green initiatives.

  • 100% of materials are recyclable. Producing tags using substrates that are recycle #2, #5, & #6.
  • Offer substrates that are recycled and recyclable.
  • At press we are re-using sheets during job setup.
  • All aluminum printing plates are recycled.
  • Any scrap from production is sent to partners to enter their container manufacturing stream.
  • LEAN manufacturing principles are used in all processes.
  • Annual preventative maintenance on machinery.
  • Monitoring motor speed during production to save electricity.
  • Re-using cartons during fulfillment processes.
  • Shred used boxes for packing material when shipping orders.
  • Making efforts to reduce carbon emissions by shipping 95% of our orders complete. 
  • 2 Green Roofs installed and maintained.
  • Installed LED bulbs and lighting throughout facilities.
  • Natural lighting incorporated in building structures to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  • Motion detection lighting in meeting rooms.
  • Implemented digital invoices versus paper.
  • Regularly recycle office materials and supplies – such as ink cartridge recycling, paper shredding and battery recycling.
  • Recycling receptacles provided in the break rooms and workstations at all facilities.
  • Recycling program allows employees to bring in recyclables from home.
  • Provide reusable utensils and dishes in all facility break rooms. 
MasterTag Building