A unique houseplant tag like no other!

Easy to understand graphics helps consumers make decisions based on their unique indoor environment.

  • This information is most desired by consumers, yet unavailable on any other houseplant care tag. It adds value to the plant.
  • Puts much needed information in the hands of plant shoppers the point of sale. This knowledge gives confidence that success can be realized.
  • Botanical design aesthetic is tapped into consumer trend. Consistent with what is seen in the current culture of houseplant appreciators. Good design resonates with shoppers and brings emotion into their consideration. A strong motivator to buy.

Orderable in increments of 25!

Easily manage your inventory! No excess tags.

Available in two easy to order shapes.

Premium Marquee Hang Tag

Shape: DN1663 • Size: 2.82″ x 6.3″

Universal XL Stake Tag

Shape: DN1589 • Size: 1.7″ x 5.25″